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Monday, June 21, 2004

Our mission

From the EagerReaders.com site:

There is a great wealth of children's literature sitting on the shelves of your local library and bookstore, wonderful books written for kids that they will love and never forget. However, as parents we know that it may be hard to find these books, or evaluate ones we haven't read.

To help parents and children find these books, we have collected a list of good titles for all ages, based on books we and our own children have read and enjoyed - the cream of the crop. Some are very light, others richer and more serious, but all have qualities that make them fun, memorable, and exciting - not bland, stuffy, or boring. Many of these are in print and most are available at your local library. In order to help you find books to match your child's age and tastes, we have organized the titles by subject and reading level.

Many of these you may have already heard of. Many may be forgotten friends from your own childhood which you can pass on to your kids. And some may be new discoveries for you and your family.

We deliberately do not include the following on our list: books with "gross" or gory content; books in which dishonesty or lying is depicted as acceptable; books with "mature" content that would violate a child's innocence; and books that contain gratuitous violence. Though the books on our list have been carefully selected, parents should always exercise their own discretion when choosing literature for their children. What one child finds exciting in a book, another child may consider frightening. Some children don't enjoy suspense, or stories in which very sad events occur. As parents, you know your child's sensitivities; if you have a sensitive child you should always look a book over before handing it to him to read.

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