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Friday, February 04, 2005

Pinky Pye

This is sort of a sequel to Ginger Pye, and is almost as good. The Pye family, because of Mr. Pye's status as favorite birdman of the U. S. government, takes a working summer vacation on Fire Island. The prospect of leaving Cranbury for the entire summer is not at first attractive to Rachel and Jerry:

but . . . go to Fire Island for the whole summer! Just throw away the whole wonderful summer in Cranbury when there was no school and no Sunday school, only church to go to? They had a beach here, didn't they? Sandy Beach, dear Sandy Beach. Why go to another beach just because it had a different name? And they had woods here, didn't they, and brooks and fields and daisies and summer, long and wonderful summer. Just throw it all away. waste it. It would be like skipping a chapter in a book; or like having a chapter, the best one probably in the whole book, either torn out or so blurrily printed that it could not be read. (p. 5-6)
But they come around. The adventures involve all the Pye pets, old and new, and little Uncle Bennie, who is just as funny here as in Ginger Pye. Mr. Pye is important in this story, too. Pinky Pye, and any other Pye or Moffat books, would make wonderful read-alouds. Highly recommended.


Anonymous said...

I love this book Eleanor Estes really has a way of explaining things or giving you an image in your mind I mean ,admist piles ofluggage and parcels with strings hanging loose signs of a long and wearying trip were standing here on this briny-smelling wharf instead of being in their own tall house in Cranbury Connecticut!is a few sentuces from pinky pye and I love them she really does have a way of telling you whats going on in the story!

Anonymous said...

I love this book. She is so descriptive and writes really great stories. Amazing! I love her stories, she always has a way of saying what is going on with describing.