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Friday, March 14, 2008

Ralph Moody books

These autobiographical accounts of the author's childhood, as a rancher and cowboy in Colorado, a farmer in Maine, and a young entrepreneur and survivor everywhere, are enthralling. If only half of what little Ralph Moody is supposed to have done as a boy is true, he was as sharp, persistent, and resourceful as any adult. Cowboys, horses, cattle drives, and rodeos fill the first couple of books, set in Colorado. The Moodys demonstrate strong family values and the American pioneering spirit. These may be compared to the Little House on the Prairie books, but take place a bit later in time, and are written from a boy's point of view.

The series contains eight or nine books. The four listed here are, in our opinion, the best. As Ralph gets older, some of the content of a couple of the books is better suited to the adult or young adult. If you enjoy these four titles, you might want to preview the others before offering them to your children.

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