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Sunday, November 09, 2008

Hi Lo Books for Boys

Books and Boys

Interesting blog by Max Elliot Anderson, an author of books for boys. We haven't read any of his books yet. Let us know if you have, and what you think.

When I began writing action-adventures and mysteries for kids, I was particularly interested in making sure that my books would reach boys…especially reluctant readers.

There is a category in literature called Hi Lo Reading Level. My books have been identified as fitting the description of Hi Lo.
About Hi Lo books, from About.com:
Finding the right reading material for children with learning disabilities in basic reading, reading comprehension, or dyslexia is a challenge. This is especially true for "tweenaged" boys ages eight through twelve. For this group, books must include content kids of this age can relate to and be written at a lower grade level. These books are referred to as high interest, low reading level books.
Our list is predicated on the principle of high interest. We encourage parents to match the book to their children's tastes. This will make reading worth their while, which is critically important when they are still learning and aren't yet reading with ease. Though a parent may prefer historical fiction, for example, it may not capture the child's imagination. Keep a child going with something that truly appeals to him.

At some point we hope to go through the list and identify books that fit the "Hi Lo" criteria.

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