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Friday, September 19, 2008

Redwall series

Our 11 year old is burning through the Redwall series. For avid readers, these have the virtue of length; a child can't whiz through one in an hour.

The characters are animals living communally in a medieval-ish setting. Lots of feasting and fighting, fairly violent and even gory at times (more so in the later books). Jacques increases suspense by cutting from plot to subplot to subplot, leaving the reader hanging at the end of the chapter. This can be a great encouragement to the reluctant reader who must keep reading to find out what happens next.

Just what order to read these in is open to discussion. Brian Jacques was all over the map with sequels and prequels. I think our children have settled on this order, chronological according to the storyline, rather than by year of publication:

  • Lord Brocktree
  • Martin The Warrior
  • Mossflower
  • The Legend of Luke
  • Outcast of Redwall
  • Mariel of Redwall
  • The Bellmaker
  • Salamandastron
  • Redwall
  • Mattimeo
  • The Pearls of Lutra
  • The Long Patrol
  • Marlfox
  • Taggerung
  • Triss
  • Loamhedge
  • Rakkety Tam
  • High Rhulain
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    Michelle Dunne said...

    Thanks for putting these in order! I can't wait to start the series with Liam, but I'd love to get Tim hooked right now. So many books, so little time! I purchased Little Britches over the summer and have not cracked it yet. We got sidetracked with Daddy reading Swiss Family Robinson.